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time has it's own funny way of keeping us close

even though we never stayed together

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The Intro.
Basics:Brianna, bka, Bri♥.Eighteen, and not so typical. College freshman. Not in a relationship, not single, more like Facebook, ' it's complicated'. But it won't be for much longer. Southern born&bred;Arkansas to be exact, & it may be this way forever, or maybe not. Only-child and yes I know I'm spoiled. Very much of a girly girl, but relaxed just like a dude. Definately gets along better with males than females, but who doesn't nowawadays? Very intelligent. Don't be mistaken by my age, I'm young but not dumb by any stretch of the imagination.Currently employed @ HOLLISTER & victoriassecret. Some-what of a daydreamer but also very focused. My ethnic background consists of caucasion, creole, black, and indian, with Black being the most prominant and what I choose to identify with. Sometimes emotional but emotion-less more times than not. Not necessarily a bitch, but life is what you make it. "fuck anotha bitch's business I'mma mind my own."
Fan of
Musik ().WEBBIE. Lil' Boosie. Lauryn Hill. Starbucks.$$$. love. goodsex. kisses. goodreads. food. quiet time. sunrises. sunsets. photography. my hair. my pink ipod. proactiv. journalism. social documentaries. MAC cosmetics. shoes/kicks. yes, i wear VANS. nikes. rocawear. shopping. Hov. tupac. keyshia cole. panic! at the disco. my chemical romance. kelly clarkson. weezy f. baby. jordans. def poetry. biggie. hip-hop. old-skool r&b, and new school r&b.The Wendy Williams Experience. nip/tuck. BRAVO. one tree hill. girlfriends (before Toni left) the game. cranberry juice. life. substance*
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