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time has it's own funny way of keeping us close [entries|friends|calendar]

Every now and then I think of you, And I can't lie I be wantin' you,But I understand that your not my man, And I also know that the future's not in your hands.Every now and then I'd call you to say how you doin, And baby I miss you ; This is just to say hello - Hello Baby.
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nomorecomplaining.mp3 [November 17 2006]

1) List ten things you want to say to people but know you never will.
2) Don't say who they are.
3) Disable comments.
4) Never discuss it again.
haha, i only had three.

LOCKEDUP [July 28 2006]

Iguess you wonder where I've been.I searched to find the love within. So I came back to let you know, got a thing for you. And I can't let go.My friends wonder what is wrong with me. Well I'm in a daze from your love, you see. I came back to let you know, got a thing for you. And I can't let go. Some people go around the world for love. But they may never find what they dream of.What you won't do, do for love. You tried everything, but you won't give up. In my world only you make me do for love, What I would not do.

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to be added.
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